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Peru, millenary country, has not only cultural richness, but also a rich and wide agricultural tradition. It offers from the best coffee in the world to the best quality asparagus, renowned on some of the most demanding markets on the world like the Asian or European.

The country also produces vegetables, tropical fruits, cereals and Andean cultivations, renowned for their benefits to health, which makes Peru a provider nation of food to for the world. Interamsa Agroindustrial selects and ships the best quality Andean grains to the world.

Our Mission

We have a global compromise, offering best quality products from Peru to the world.

Our Vision

Become the leader brand in the local and export markets, showing and sharing with the world the richness of ancestral products of Peru.

Our values


With our team of collaborators, our clients and our country that allow us to share our richness through ancestral products.


On our internal and external processes, focusing on reaching the best resources to provide productos of the highest quality.

Extra Value

We focus on providing the best of our native products and being recognized as the highest standards of health, wealth and nutrition, suited the world of today.

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  • agro@agrointeramsa.com
  • + (511)-6285844 – EXT 204
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